Never live twice


Simple but not easy.


Never live twice explores the idea of choreography as an attempt to frame chaos in different systems of movement dynamics such as gravity and suspension, the ironic feeling of fullness in boredom and consolidation of short term memory.


This piece could be watched in x 4 fast forward video version and ideally on an elevator ride.


What about Rob?


UK | 12 min

A young man approaches his sudden illness with a stiff-upper-lip, but he must find a way to embrace his own mortality. He learns that death need not be a fearful journey.


En dag am fräien


France, Luxembourg | 20min


Christophe and Caroline have fallen out of love. A day in the open is what he has in mind to win her back.



Vertikal punkt-fläche fläche-punkt


Unter der Leitung von Bernhard Leitner fand die Veranstaltung “Soundbodyspacesound” der Berliner Klangkunstbühne statt. Wir stellten die auditiv-architektonische Arbeit “vertikal” von Max Kullmann (hands on sound) und Kyan Bayani vor.


Im großen Lichthof der Technischen Universität Berlin reflektieren Hunderte Glasscheiben der Kuppel schmalbandig klirrende Geräusche beinahe wie ein großer Parabolspiegel. Das splitternde Brechen von Hohlloch-Tonziegeln und das knüllende Zerreißen von Packpapier wird aus dem Erdgeschoß in die Höhe projiziert – aus der Kuppelmitte zurückfallend erahnt das Gehör die klangliche und akustische Höhe des Ortes.



Frequency band collector v 0.1


Frequency Band Collector is a work born inside the master sound studies of the UdK university of Berlin, that focuses on the variety of environments and daily situations experienced through the sense of hearing.
The system gets an audio input that is analysed into ten frequency bands. After that it identifies what is the sound with the highest volume and, this particular frequency, causes a water drop into a container connected to a specific band.

Over a extensive enough distance of time, is possible to see on the computer screen the number of times, during the input sounds, that interested a specific frequency band, but not only.
The water containers, instead, corresponding to the various frequency bands, transform this informations into pictures in real time.

In addition, the importance of Frequency Band Collector consists in the fact that it stores the input data creating an informative memory about the frequencies which are present in the environment where the system is situated. It’s a sort of puzzle made of sounds, that is able to provide a sound picture of the environment.


Excerpt from the article in NoemaLab.


xerxes akt 1


XERXES von Georg Friedrich Händel


Xerxes: Valentina Stadler
Romilda: Marielou Jacquard
Arsamene: Tarik Bousselma
Atalanta: Anna Schors