Mister Rocket


Mister Rocket is a story about Eric, a passionate astronomy geek and his magnetic friends, Rita, a rebellious graffiti artist and Vulcain, a wacky poet and novice ufologist.


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Explicit content


Over the course of time dance techniques inscribe themselves – layer by layer – into the body. They become a part of it, dictate its expression, drive it to perfection. Technique burns itself into the body, turns it into a machine: a cyborg. “Explicit Content” is simultaneously revolt and desire: resistance to rigid, artificial form that no virtuoso can escape, and the unbounded pleasure of diving into technique in order to leave behind the inadequacies of the body. The body relishes in squeezing itself into the pre-given form and triumphs when the dance engine rolls over it.


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Keep it real


Keep it real is danced by cyborgs, zombies, alienated and animated bodies. These queer bodies are brought into the field of visible, exposing perverted dynamics of the capitalist machinery and questioning what is to be considered as political action.


“When I’m wearing my costume to a protest I wonder if it’s not gonna be it that will start suffocating me… Are my Adidas shoes going to walk me into trouble?”




Luxembourg | 80 min

Man-child Flëpp needs to choose between his mother’s cosy fortress and an uncertain outside world in order to win the heart of young runaway Leena.


Supported by Filmfund Luxembourg.

10 years in 1 minute


Three performers: Jeeae Lim, a dancer who fuses a background in Korean traditional dance with a contemporary dance sensibility; Pijin Neji, the Japanese dancer who began in Butoh and whose work is physically unique and deeply reflective; and Sergiu Matis, a Romania-born dancer based in Germany with a background in classical ballet.


“10 Years in 1 Minute” is a peculiar collaboration between three dancers hailing from three different contexts, looking to re-examine and reconstruct the body as a “moving archive”. The three-part project started last year, with the first and second chapters staged in Germany and Korea in spring 2014. Now Tokyo witnesses the final engrossing exploration of deviation, expansion and transition.


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