Golden Age


Choreographer Lim Jeeae, who has for years deeply delved into the theme of “tradition and contemporary,” unveils “Golden Age,” a new dance performance created with a cast of seven prominent dancers from Asia. It is implied, from the title at least, that the work encompasses a range of questions that Lim has faced as a choreographer: when exactly is the “golden age” of dance?


Is it possible to divide the course of dance history into certain timeframes? If possible, then on what criteria can we define the “golden age of dance”? On top of that, it may be worth doubting that certain periods, debates and movement vocabulary emblematic of the “golden age” may be stereotypes of numerous familiar dance moves. And maybe these stereotypes have been entangled together to constitute the “traditional dance” today.


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Choreographer Lim Jeeae — Son Okju(Performance Scholar)

Music composer

Kyan Bayani